Hello, and welcome to Indelible Insight!  My name is Emily and I’m so glad you have stopped by my site.

It is my belief that the small and seemingly insignificant details that tend to be overlooked can be the most important to living and maintaining a full and balanced life.  We each have hundreds of opportunities to add moments of joy to our day by the way our homes and belongings reflect our personal style, the food we choose to eat, and the time we spend with our loved ones.   For me, these moments of joy are usually simple: a warm cup of coffee in my favorite mug, relaxing in a freshly cleaned room, the smell of a meal cooking or laughing with a good friend.  I have learned that organizing and streamlining my life allows me to incorporate more small moments of pleasure in my day and this practice is often more rewarding than splurging on an expensive item.  When I take care of myself in the little ways daily, I am more satisfied and less likely to spend money or time on items or activities that do not inspire me.

Indelible Insight is a compilation of my musings on life, favorite recipes, travel, events in DC and DIY home projects that range from furniture to crafts.  I am passionate about repurposing items that people have labeled "junk" and turning them into treasures that can be enjoyed by a new owner.  As you read Indelible Insight, it is my hope that you will gain perspective on a topic that strengthens you as a person and makes a lasting impression on the way you live your life.

In 2008, as a senior at Ole Miss, I began to see the world differently.  I had been living in a dorm setting for too long and I was looking forward to decorating my first apartment in Washington, D.C.  I read Alexandra Stoddard’s book, Living a Beautiful Life: 500 Ways to Add Elegance, Order, Beauty, and Joy to Every Day of Your Life.  As my life transitioned from growing up in Mississippi to growing into an adult in Washington, I began to pursue “small passions” that I could accomplish within the walls of my English basement apartment.  Of course, I dream of big windows, a workshop space for painting furniture and a yard where I can plant tomatoes and a full sized kitchen, but the lack of those luxuries do not keep me from pursuing what I want to do and love to do.